Smarty statistics

smartie lartie

  1. there were 13 smarties in my packet
  2. the most common colour in my packet was red
  3. on average there were 13 smarties in each box
  4. the most common colour for every colour was red
  5. i think it was easier for the excel to work out the average and total.
  6. i don’t quite understand how to use the use the fill tool, so i’m not quite sure if it would be that useful
  7. my packet was quite an average packet

History of english writing

We once used to only tell stories until the pencil and paper AKA rock and stone were invented. we first started to write in 3200 BCE and it start in the ancient city of sumer. and the actual first use of “writing” is hieroglyphs . i thought it started so much early than that.

Old tech

I use to have a Playstation 1 and it was the bomb back when i was younger. i use to have 15 games for it i think, but i always use to reck them, so we had to get a new game every 5 weeks and they made me buy them myself with my alawence after a while. it got boring so i got rid of it. the next peice of tech i got was a DSI and i still have it. i got it in 2010 and it eventually will break if i don’t stop throwing it at the wall, the next peice of tech was my ipod and wii. them my phone.

Blog to ya late:)

Refugee and Headstart

Some people say a picture is worth a thousand words, I think they are right, a picture can tell a whole story or just part of a story. We were put into groups and had to do a jigsaw image, our picture was a refugee girl that was looking for hope and happiness. It was all about refugee’s traveling from other countries and wanting hope and freedom from the war that is their home. There were a couple of pictures that made you feel hope but not as many as sadness or angriness.


We started headstart this week and we i am in english at the moment. I have visual art, english, sose, maths, science, French, PE and robotics. I have My mum Mrs Bos as my maths and science teacher for headstart.

well that’s it for this week. Blog to ya later:)